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My Journey


I've always loved animals and rescued my first dog when I was 11 years old. I've always had family dogs, but also began to take care of friends and relatives pets too. 


While training at Uni as a child psychologist my passion for animals truly began to flourish.  I quickly realised social services wasn't for me, so one day I decided to set up my own business working with animals, to live my passion.   

I decided to branch out to the local community, as I simply love being around four legged companions. I also wanted to provide an affordable and reliable service for other pet lovers

I put out an advert as a dog walker and the response was way more than I ever expected, it blew up and I've never looked back, striving continually to provide the best pet service around. 

A few months later I got my Tiger and Lillie, a couple of cheeky Yorkshire terriers. It's when I came to go away for a weekend, I couldn't find anyone I trusted to look after them, it was all kennels or people that I didn't feel comfortable leaving my precious babies with, so I decided to expand the walking service into a day care and home boarding service too, where all dogs are seen and treated as one of my own.

I have affectionately become known as Auntie Elle to my clients best friends.

Fostering & Behavioural Training

Fast forward two years, I adopted Tod a 14 year old rescue from Romania. I was told he was medium in size and super friendly - he was large and very aggressive.

This is when I began to learn about behavioural training. I also didn't want anyone else to go through what I went through or for other dogs to suffer due to the lack of knowledge of their new owner.

Following this experience I began to foster dogs for charities abroad so I could make my own assessments ​and provide any subsequent training to help them become adoption ready. My involvement continues even after adoption to support the new owners with any additional behavioural training needs.

I've also taken in UK dogs for rehabilitation and re-homing without the support of a charity. Im passionate about our four legged friends and simply can not help them when help is needed.

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