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Day Care

Open from 6am - 6pm

We have Regular Daycare Spaces Available.
Alternate Wednesdays - 1 Space 
Friday - 1 Space

Please get in touch for more information 

Day care has the same set up as dogs who board, but with a minimum of one walk and they don't have a sleep over. As well as out door exploring, there's lots of play time and some obedience training in the garden, if the weather permits it. 

Day care is open from 6am - 6pm Monday - Thursday, 6am - 4pm on Friday. Unfortunately, Daycare is closed on weekends - please contact us for more information on weekend care. If on occasion, you need day care for a little longer, please arrange this with us. All dogs must be dropped off before 8am and picked up after 4pm, we are far too busy having fun and exploring in the day time to be worrying about timings.

Day care starts at £35 but once your pooch is settled, it will be £25. Prices are more to begin with as your dog will need a bit more time and support in settling into the routine of day care, including but not limited too, learning rules and boundaries within the home, socialisation with a variety of other dogs, getting in and out of the woof wagon safely, walking on lead in a group, recall and ignoring distractions. This will be discussed at the meet and greet. Once settled, regular Daycare Dogs will be £23

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